Alexandre Cerf

An Integrated Approach To Gaining Insight And Control

By understanding its roots, mechanisms and patterns we can better overcome addiction. Whether it is to substances, food, shopping, sex or your own destructive thoughts, you might find that your addiction has you stuck and isolated. Addiction feeds off shame, grief, boredom and loneliness, and bringing it into the open is the first step toward changing those patterns.

My understanding of addiction is multilayered, evolving, and influenced by my experience working in both inpatient and outpatient treatment centers. We will explore grief and loss, emotion regulation, boredom and shame to better understand how your addiction started and what function if fulfills.


Exploring Your Potential And Understanding Your Values

Finding a work/life balance and remaining creative and innovative while staying true to oneself are some of the challenges you might have encountered in your professional pursuits. Whether it is a career change, starting a new business or dealing with success or failure, it is sometimes difficult to find clarity in our personal and professional lives. By creating better boundaries, defining your values and finding what motivates you, we can explore what it takes to achieve a fulfilling career. 


Gaining New Perspectives On Challenging Relationships

By understanding our needs, communication styles and blind spots we can transform relationships. Where relationships can now feel conflictual, uninspiring, loveless or abusive, they can turn out to be fulfilling, healing and motivating. 

They are our first introduction into the world: the way we related to our parents or caregivers shapes how we understand ourselves and others. By gaining an understanding around our relationship patterns, you will be better equipped to change and regain confidence and freedom.


Understanding The Role Of Gender And Sexuality Into Your Life

As an “invisible minority,” growing up LGBT offers several challenges which shape the way we understand ourselves and others. It influences our relationships with our families, partners and friends, our work, our sexuality and our understanding of gender and the world at large. You might be dealing with feelings of doubt, shame, internalized homophobia or fear, and opening up the conversation around those issues helps normalize and dissipate them. The goal is to find balance and freedom of expression in your sexual identity.




Recognizing The Patterns That Hold You Back

Learning to express ourselves fully is key to a meaningful and exciting life. Fear and shame often rob us of our most precious moments, of our joy, creativity and love. Unexplored, they can lead to depression, anxiety, loneliness and sometimes addiction, but exposed and out in the open they can transform us. By exploring their origins and learning ways to overcome shame and fear, we can become more confident and free. 


Gaining Freedom Through Insight And Action

Anxiety and depression can sometimes reach such depth as to paralyze and prevent us from moving forward with our lives, and their physical manifestations can be profound and debilitating. But we can understand the origins and functions of those fears, learn tools and create a structure that will allow you to work through them. By gaining insight and learning new behaviors the symptoms can lift and you can regain trust and confidence.